Followers Who Enjoy Writing


February 14, 2012 by rlewiscordell

Dear Followers of the Blog:

Among the things I do, teaching AVID is one of my favorites.

My class shines like a diamond — unless I ask them to write.

I notice a dramatic change in behavior (it turns sour) when I ask them to write.

We had an honest talk today about this.  I insisted on honesty.

80% of my AVID class says they find writing boring.

Writing is the only academic pursuit that did not cause me pain.

My appeal to the followers of this blog is to give me some ideas.

If you did not enjoy writing in school, what worked for you?


R Lewis Cordell

3 thoughts on “Followers Who Enjoy Writing

  1. Andee says:

    It’s true! Most of the teachers are indulged in teaching ( and pupils are supposed to write ), but they don’t try to make it fun, exciting. Enthusiasm is very important when you do something, mostly when others observe your activity, as in this case. I can say that teachers themselves are a little bit bored by their mundane activities, but I am really curious why they keep preserving the same methods and don’t being a little innovation in the educational process.

    I would day debates! To start a topic ( regarding that particular subject ) and ask people what do you think about it. However, it depends on the subject, some doesn’t give you too much freedom; you just teaching and there is nothing new about it. But there are subject which give you the freedom to make pupils be able to achieve great social and communication skills. Let them say what they think without scolding them. Every opinion matters. After all, we are different and is normal to have different perspectives/insights. The teacher has to be a professional for sure, because he has to have an overview on everything and open mindedness in order to be able to accept opinions but lead pupils to the correct one without scolding, offending, criticizing. It tact, innovation, bright ideas what a teacher needs in order to have a fruitful relationship and connection with his students.

    I think a teacher should take decisions according to pupils expectations, needs, and make them enthusiastic about it, not bored.

  2. Andee says:

    Sorry for the typos .. I wrote it in a hurry! Ta ta!! Good luck!

  3. Andee says:

    You can send it to the e-mail here: ( I thought I should amend the comment and share a post)

    Also, thank you for the great opportunity to write this post!! Your post inspired me a lot!

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